2014__Drought in Eden Workshop_Aug 25-30

Music is pretty close to non-stop in this show, and we are workshopping most of the music.     On Saturday, Aug 30, we have an open rehearsal at 5:30 at Arrayspace.   Location details below.  You are welcome–no charge.  Array seats about 50 and  as of August 19,  about half of those are not yet spoken for*.  Email me if you want me to hold seats.  (lidov@yorku.ca)

{*If you so spoke, please confirm by email.}


If you don’t know about The Drought in Eden, click on that title.

Our vocalists Vania Chan, Kaili Kinnon, Dylan Hillyer and Gabe Arenshtam will be joined by a 3-piece orchestra in new arrangements made for the present format.  New Prelude, too, if I get it written.  The page of artist and techies BIOs here is not entirely complete.

Arrayspace, at 155 Walnut Ave, is a bit west of Bathurst (one block west of Niagra Street) and half way between King and Queen.  Google Map.  There is a city parking lot across the street.  (Enter from Richmond)

It is pretty hard to know in advance exactly what we will be able to achieve in one week.   We do know that we will not include the “feel-a-bit-better” Tag Ending nor either of the brief pantomimes.   We are not “acting”, no scenery–it will be closer to a concert production but, we do have a full draft of the video elements that would be part of a full production and we have added descriptions of scenes and essential stage directions.  It may well “work” like a show–help us find out!


Is this “experimental theatre”?   I prefer to think, brainy, pretty, and moving.


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