Please come if you can to “Paper and Keys,” my lecture-recital at Arrayspace, Feb 16.

I’m going to play two great war horses of the keyboard literature, JS Bach’s Second Partita and D Lidov’s Voice Mail (not heard in TO since 2006.)   Along with those, a few semiotical speculations about what music notation has done to music making.

The IInd Partita is the one on the Swingle Singers’ Grammy-winning Jazz S Bach album of 1963. Wouldn’t have happened without music writing. I’m following up a bit on Walter Ong; his book recounts radical changes in thinking and making which unfold over centuries as societies acquire writing and printing. It happens in music, too. One peak was when Bach was into a still evolving musical technology (printing, engraving) for more than the money. The 20th century offered a further twist. My suite is a handy way to sample a modernist irruption of visual logic in musical composition. Audiences enjoy Voice Mail a lot, and I believe the fun has much to do with hearing geometry, the Fano Geometry I made it out of.

Proceeds of this concert go to ArrayMusic. The venue, ArraySpace, brings together music professionals who may not always be conventional, musical experts—day jobbers—who may not be professionals, musical devotees who may not be experts and some kids and students as well. Together we are amplifying and cross-modulating Toronto’s hum. You come, too!

Arrayspace, with its new elevator, is now more accessible, but at present we can only reserve 30 seats. Write me to get one. $20 (minimum, donations appreciated at the concert or the website, Arraymusic.com or at Canada Helps)

David Lidov

Paper and Keys — 16 Feb 2017  Thursday, 8:00 pm, Arrayspace

155 Walnut Ave, M6J 3W2 (near Queen and Niagara)

(May add blogs)


Info on Compositions

Info on scholarly writing.



Music Workshop Aug 25-30  RECORDINGS:

(Link to channel on AuthorStream.com.   Recordings are  in streamed PowerPoint presentations with stage directions, lyrics, etc.  Brief musical synopsis or sampler to be added later.  NOTE:  Flash required — often difficult on Safari.



Faculty Recital 2013- York University  See the Program  (Recordings)

3 thoughts on “DAVID LIDOV

  1. Edward Heese says:

    Hi David,

    Marie-Carmelle reminded me of your lecture/concert tonight and I realized I had never responded to your email inviting us. Is there still room?

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