Drought Workshop: Bio’s, Thanks, Acknowledgements

. . . . still under construction

Vania Chan, Eve, has just returned from Halifax, where she was Cleopatra in Handel’s Julius Ceasar.  www.vaniachan.com

Dylan Hillyer, Adam, publishes a new song every Thursday with Crankbox and performs in a touring comedy troup.

Kaili Kinnon, God, was recently Lucy Locket in the Beggars’ Opera.

Gabe Arenshtam, Gabe Arenshtam, The Serpent, is completing a BA at York University.   He played Parpignol in the 2010 Opera York production of La Boheme.

Tom King, keyboardist, plays with Toronto’s brilliant new Tango ensemble, Payadora.  [Bio]

Ben Smith, pianist, eats concertos before breakfast, accompanies for CBC and for many prominent virtuosi.

Raphael Roter, percussionist, has worked with a number of leading groups in Toronto. [www.RaphaelRoter.com]

Alan Kulka, e-guitar in No. 20, classical and electric guitarist. [soundcloud]

Kyle Laurin, looking after sound and lights, is a composer with a following for his electronic mashups.


Special Thanks to:

Rick Sacks, Artistic Director and Sandra Bell, Administrative, Director of Arraymusic,

York University

Gerald Isaac

Cathy Gordon


  Some important elements of the script descend from 2009 drafts by Aaron Jensen (particularly Numbers 2 and 11, 16)

Some “sound effects” are based on files downloaded from http://www.freesounds.org

David McKevey made an earlier version of the sound file for No. 18A


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