I am very grateful for the collaboration of these superb artists in this presentation of my music:

Elizabeth Acker, piano – www.vocachorus.ca/about/staff
Bonnie Brett, voice  – www.canadianjazzarchive.org/en/musicians/bonnie-brett.html
Mark Chambers, cello – http://finearts.yorku.ca/about-us/our-faculty/mark-chambers
Vania Chan, lyric coloratura soprano – www.vaniachan.com
Erika Crinò, piano – www.stregomusic.com
Al Henderson, bass – http://alhenderson.ca
Dylan Hillyer, baritone – https://www.facebook.com/crankboxsounds 

Mani Mazinani, multi-disciplinary artist – http://www.manimazinani.net/

Niall Lyn-McKee, percussion – https://soundcloud.com/niall-lyn-mckee

Anthony Michelli, drums – http://www.anthonymichelli.com
Benjamin Smith, piano – www.coloursofmusic.ca/bio/benjaminSmith.html
Andrew Timar, Indonesian suling- http://www.evergreenclubgamelan.ca/personnel/bio/andrew_timar
Ron Westray, trombone – http://music.finearts.yorku.ca/people/faculty/ron-westray

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