List of compositions


Dates in parentheses (-) are dates of composition; information in brackets [-] concerns first performances.  Two asterisks ** indicate scores and parts available from the Canadian Music Centre.

—Instrumental Solo and Chamber Music

—piano solo—

Fibonaci Tunes, James Tenney in memoriam (2006) [2006 – Lidov, Toronto]

Sonatas with no Style.  (2003) ca. 26 minutes

Voice Mail, Suite of Thirteen Pieces for Piano (1999) [2001- D. Lidov, Helsinki]

Tango [Toronto-1986]

The Amnesty Rag (1976)

Sonata (1966) Three mov’ts, ca 22 min. [1984-C.Cooper,Toronto]**

Variations and Fugue [1963-M. Strauss, New Jersey]

Larghetto and Allegretto [1962-D. Lidov, New York]

—other instruments—

Mimesis-for string quartet, for the Open Space Festschrift in honor of the Ben Boretz on his 80th birthday.  2015.  For recording, score and credits and a program note, 

Meadowlarks’ Variation.  for String quartet.  2015

Nach dem Besuch einer Party—Eindrücke von Rap-Musik, for two violins, 2015.

I want you to know that I love you. Malletkat with computer programmed speech synthesis (Max) for improvised performance of synthesized speech. [2011, Rick Sachs]

Happy Birthday Frédéric Chopin, cello and piano. 2010.

Three Examples, harpsichord, oboe and French horn. 2010 For Keneth Cooper Trio, NYC

Three Tunes for Ron Westray. 1. Trombone, 2. Flugelbone, 3. vocals and rhythm section—2010 [Westray, Petrowska].

String Trio, Essay on the Origin of Languages: 1.  Essay   2. Objects and Conversations  3.  Evening Song.  [first version, in Berlin.  Rev. version TO. with Lynn Kuo, Carol Gimbel, Raphael Hoekman.]  2008.

Another Turn—Memory, Solitude and Affirmatiion: A Musical Term Paper en homage à Eward W. Said. 2007.  [Isospin 2007, Toronto].

For Francesca (2007).  Violin solo.

Three Counterpoints. (2004).  Violin, viola, guitar, ca. 12 minutes.

Trinkets.  (2003) Clarinet and piano, ca. 12 minutes.  [Patricia White, clar., Lidov, pno.,  Toronto]

Slow Song in Memory of the Lost Olive Groves (2003)  flute, viola and piano, ca. 8 minutes  [Sarrazin, Klassen, Lidov, St. Paul United, Toronto, 2003]

Phases of Courtship II: The Spells of Decorum.  (2002) viola and piano, ca 18 minutes. [Lidov,  Klassen, St. Paul United, Toronto, 2003]

Arrangement of  J.S. Bach, O Lamm Gottes, unshuldig, for Urhu, Pipa and Yangking,  [George Gao Trio, Toronto Music Garden, 2002]

Fantasy with Mark Up. (1964/2002) unacompanied viola.  ca. 12 minutes.  [Earlier version, Laura Wilcox, Toronto, 1999]

Remembering Minor Dreaming of Major.  (2001) Violin and piano. ca 15 minutes. [Roger  Zahab, violin, Robert Frankenberry, piano, Music Gallery, Toronto, 2002]      Ist Mov’t, mp3   PDF:   Remembering Minor

Little Study (for Flute and Piano) of Love, Nostalgia and Vain Regret.  (2000) ca. 9 minutes. [Elizabeth Acker, piano, Barbara Ackerman, flute, 2000, Toronto]

Fifteen Reinventions:  Covers and Commentaries on the Fifteen Two-part Inventions of J.S. Bach.  Violin and Cello. (2000)  [Toronto 2007]).

Polar Dawn 2000.  (2000)  Flute, Guitar, Cello and synthesized sounds, about 2 mins.  Commissioned by Ron Silver to accompany his photographs of the first polar dawn of the milenium in Canada.  [Recorded by Kim Morris, flute, Sharron Tiessen, cello, Paul Swoger-Ruston, guitar with engineering assistance by Rob Wannamaker, C-sound, and Mike Kane, editing.]

Phases of Courtship I: Antics.  Violin, Piano, Cello, Clarinet (and Bass Clarinet) in Bb.  [2000- The Burdocks Ensemble, Toronto]

Grandfather’s Song.  (1999).  Accordian and Available Instruments (Collaborative and partially improvisational composition)  [Toronto, Angelique van Berlow, accordion, Dave  Chokroun, bass, Kim Morris, flute, dizi and bawu, Alexander Glenfield, trumpet and melodica,  Nicole Marchesseau, viola, Anne Staedlmair, clarinet, Taylor Rankin,  violin, Veronica Yoo, hegm. 2000]

Generic Variations, violin and piano, for Gene Phillips (1999)  Arranged, 2003, Vln and Gtr [Duo 46 – Turkish Cypress]

Triptych:  Prelude, Collage and Chorale, in memoriam Naomi Helen Cumming. Violin solo.  1999 [Laura Wilcox, Toronto, 1999, viola version;  Roger Zahab, Akron, violin, 1999]

Prelude, Sonata and Song, string quartet (ca. 18 minutes.  1998)

The Four Tenors, Bass clarinet, marimba, guitar and cello, for Newton Carniero (1998) [Toronto, 2000 John Brownell, marimba, William Beauvais, guitar, Colleen Cook, bass clarinet, and Margaret Gay, cello.]

Three Small Numbers, string quartet ca. 6 minutes . [Recorded, Sao Paulo, 1998. Adriana   Holtz, cello, with three members of the Quartetto de São José do Campos, Luiz Amato  and Fábio Lombardi Brucoli, violins, and Ricardo Kabula, viola.]  Revised, 2011 [Annex Str. Quartet]

Nocturnoflute, violin, cello, piano  [Morelia, Mexico, 1997 Wilfredo Tarasis, flute; Alan Daowe, cello; Jose-Luis Hurrtado, piano and Daniel Vega Albela*, violin]

Musica Aguda (High Music),  sonatina for solo piccolo, for Helen Wolf (1997)

Solos for alto and soprano saxophone, commissioned by Paul Brodie, [Part I., Paul Brodie, New York, 1997.  Complete:  Morelia, Mexico, Juan Alzate and Guillermo Portillo- 1997]

Trios for mixed saxophones (1997) .

Chaconne for clarinet alone (1996) [Recorded, Toronto,  Wait, 1997]

Three Versions for Oboe and Piano  (1992)

Quartet(1985) clarinet, violin, cello, pno., in two mov’ts. [1989-Toronto, Wait, McQuin,  Mersereau, Lidov]

Prelude and Fugue.  Unaccompanied Cello (1992)  [William Lee, Toronto, 2000]*

*Available in a synthetic performance using Manfred Clynes performance software at

Three Symphonies for three clarinets (1995) [1996 Toronto, student ensemble]

Oseh Shalom Bimromah.  In memorium, Alan Lessem.  For two pianos  [1992-Toronto, Sokol, Lidov]

Duo for Violins in three mov’ts. (1987) [Rebecca Van der Post; Lynn Kuo]

Fantasy for Bassoon and Piano  [1976-Toronto, Melbourne (London) Records “Lonely Island”  SMLP 4032 Christopher Weait, bassoon, Monica Gaylord, piano.] **

19 Variations for Pick-up Orchestra  [1974-Toronto]

Trio, Violin, Piano, Cello. (1970)**

Fantasy. 1964, Viola Solo [Laura Wilcox, Toronto, 1999]

Sonatina for Violin and Piano [1963-New Jersey, K. Sarch]**

Sonata for Violin and Piano. [1962-New York, Lieberman, Lidov]

Sonatina, Tpt and Piano. (1969?)**

Changes  Unaccompanied violin [1973-Toronto]**

Mora con amore. (1978?) two tenor viols.

Heavy Music for four electric basses [Score for improvisation; tape available, ca 5 min.  1974 -Toronto]

Low Music, solo Tuba, ca 8 minutes [ tape available, 1974 Toronto.]

Celebration Music, Woodwind Quintet [1975-Toronto]

The First Booke of Errors. Pieces for fairly adept recorder players and their friends. (1988-89) Fleur Press)


Ghazal (Winter) (2006) York University Student Orchestra [2006].

Three Meditations on Prince William Sound  (“Slick,” “Momento Mori,” “Routine”) for String Orchestra [National Symphony Orch., Toronto, 1990]

Symphony (1965)** for full orchestra, ca. 25 minutes.


Tree of Love—Affection haineuse.  Biligual motet. Choir and piano.  (6 min.) (2009)

Hermadad,  O. Paz. Canon for equal mens’ voices. (1999)

Three Sonnets of Keats  Unaccompanied Choir (1996)

“After Dark Vapours Have Oppressed our Plains” [York U. Choir, Toronto, 1997]

“On the Grasshopper and the Cricket”

“Why Did I Laugh Tonight?  No Voice will Tell

From Chamber Music  (James Joyce)  -for Jazz Vocal Ensemble (1995)

“Strings in the Earth and Air”

“My Love is in a Light Atire”

“The Twilight turns from Amethyst”

Blake’s “Lamb” with organ.**

The Vision of Louis Riel.  With piano (text from Riel’s defence to the jury arranged by R.             Colombo) [1969-Montreal]**

Madrigal “My Love is in a light attire” (1972, first version Joyce Chamber Music)

—Solo Voice—

“Marianne’s Requirements,” (Jane Austin) coloratura aria, (2009) [Vania Chan,* soprano, Erica Crino, piano]

Kierkegaard’s Pantoum (2009) Soprano, Thirteen Instruments and Synthetic Drones.  [Alia Musica Pittsburgh, 2009]

2008b.   For Rumi. Cycle for Soprano and Piano to poems of Robert Hatten.

The Hill Wife.  Medium voice, clarintet (A) and piano.  Setting of R.Frost’s cycle with the same name.  (2004-5). [Jane Leibel, sop., P. Wait, Clar., Lidov, piano]

Light Frost.  Medium voice and piano.  Settings of four early poems of R. Frost.

Three Songs to Poems of Di Brandt.  2004.  Medium voice and piano.

Three Songs on Poems by Robert Graves for Countertenor and piano 1998 [Nina Stoddard (alto), 1989-Toronto.]

Three Poems of Al Purdy.  Bass voice and piano.  (1997)

Three Dutiful Songs (Thoreau, Emerson, Frost) soprano and piano.(1984) [Kristin Heaslip Muller, sop.  Lidov, pno.]

Crazy Jane’s Songs.  Versions for sop or mezzo with piano.  The seven Crazy Jane poems from Yeats “Words for Music Perhaps.” [selections, 1975(?)-Totonto]**

Three Songs for Tenor and Woodwind Quartet (Yeats, 1965)

“The Ghost” (R. Blau) Cycle for sop. and piano [1961-Cooper C./Cooper K.,New York]

Etude (“I am afraid, almost…” R.Blau) sop. and vln. [Cooper, Lieberman,1962-New York]

“The Jewel Stairs’ Grievance” (Rihaku-Pound) Sop., Flute, Woodblocks [1963-Colorado]

“Banishment in Winter” (W.S. Merwin) Sop. with Harpsichord.

“The Pre-Cambrian Shield”  Concert aria for bass and piano (Pratt 1967)

“Quelle Chance” (Bouraroui) sop., pno. [Toronto–1973]

“The Long March” (Mao Tze Tung) Soprano, Piano, Modulated tape delay (three performers: requires three microphones, tape delay, two loudspeakers, one synthesized pedal tone, audio engineer must read music!) Color-coded score and performance tape available from the composer, ca 20 min. [Patricia Rideout, Lidov, Snook, 1974-Toronto]

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